​​        How It Works

The guidelines the Woman-to-Woman Executive Committee has developed are designed to provide helpful information as a starting point when considering presenting a bid to host the Woman-to-Woman Seminar in your city.

We are waiting to be invited to come hang out in your hometown

 37th ​Midwest

Woman-to-Woman Seminar

Sharing Our Experience, Strength, and Hope without Fear in Unity

Sharing Our Experience, Strength and Hope without Fear, in Unity

The 2017 34th Annual Seminar
St. Louis, Missouri.

October XX-XX

Why We Must Pay to Attend

One of the most common misconceptions about these gatherings is that they are AA meetings, and since there are no dues or fees for AA membership, there should be no fees to attend. However this is a special event, not a regular meeting.

This seminar is self-supporting. No group monies are used to pay for this event, nor do we accept outside contributions or donations of any kind. No baskets are passed. The cost of the event is paid through the registration fees. Attendance is voluntary and as responsible AA members, we pay our own way.

​Statement of Purpose

The Midwest Woman-to-Woman Seminar is a self selected group of AA women who enhance their sobriety by sharing their experience, strength and hope without fear in unity.

The Midwest Woman-to-Woman Seminar is a weekend of workshops by and for sober AA women.  All workshops are closed and anonymity is observed.  

Anonymity will also be observed on this website.